Make an Impact


Events/Fundraising/Outreach:  Volunteers will assist with various community and shelter events to represent CHS. These events consist of fundraising events, educational events, outreach events, etc.

Educator:  Volunteer educators will assist in creating handouts for the shelter, shelter events, and education outreach programs. The information will include things such as animal care, shelter services and programs, adoptions, training methods, etc.

Fundraising:  Any experience in fundraising? We’re a non-profit organization, so helping us raise money to help Culpeper County’s homeless animals is extremely important.

Marketing:  Any experience in marketing and advertising? Help get CHS’ name into the community!


Cat Enrichment:  Love cats and kitties? Well we can’t think of a better task for you! Help socialize and play with the cute, little critters!

Dog Enrichment:  Love dogs and puppies? What could be more rewarding than taking a doggie out for some fresh air? Hmmm… nothing I can think of!

Transporter:  Got a car or truck? Volunteer transporters will assist taking animals from the shelter to vet appointments, rescues, foster parents, events, etc. Transporters also assist in picking up donations for the shelter.

Dog/Cat Caretaker:  Volunteers can help keep the dog kennels and cat cages clean and safe for the little fuzzies. You can deliver toys and blankets to them too… they love that!

Dog Trainer: After volunteering with the dogs for a while, you can become involved with helping to train them on basic behaviors! This really helps keep them mentally stimulated and happy, and increases their chances of being adopted.

Foster Parent (Note: There is a separate application to become a foster parent):  Foster parents will open their home to an animal until the animal is adopted. Foster parents will be in charge of feeding, exercising, training, socializing and taking care of the animal as if it where their own. They will also be responsible for talking with potential adopters by giving them information about the animal and taking the animal to adoption events. Foster parents should know that adopting an animal out to a good home can take just a few days or up to several months.