Culpeper Humane Society Assistance Programs

 Pet Pantry

 One of the most important pillars of our strategy to reduce Shelter Intake is our Pet Pantry program; helping low income or fixed income families, through social services, which includes seniors, veterans, the disabled and people in the domestic violence program, SAFE, feed their pets; keeping them in their homes and out of the Shelter.  The Pet Pantry generates two free spay/neuter programs (Pit Fix and Support 4 Paws) that make a huge impact on decreasing the number of unwanted pets and dramatically reduces the number of pets going into the Shelter.  We help the members of our community and their pets. 

Please contact us if you are eligible for our Pet Pantry program. 

Unchained Canines of Culpeper

Chaining can cause physical and emotional damage to dogs. Dogs are social animals. They need to engage with humans and other animals for their mental health. They need regular exercise for their physical well-being. Chaining leaves a dog unable to get away from humans or animals that intend to hurt it and can make the dog more aggressive toward anyone that comes near it.

“Dogs are social animals. Their wild ancestors live in packs. When dogs live with humans, we are their pack. A dog on a chain is separated from his pack and forced to live a solitary life. This causes emotional distress and behavioral problems. The Centers for Disease Control and the American Veterinary Medical Association warn that chained dogs are about 3 times more likely to bite and have more behavior problems. It’s also difficult to provide good care to a chained dog because chains catch on obstacles, which can be dangerous, and dogs can’t reach their food, water, or shelter. Also, chained dogs are very vulnerable to attacks by other dogs and wild animals, and can become pregnant if not spayed.” – Fences for Fido

Many jurisdictions (including Culpeper County) have adopted county codes to provide additional protective guidelines for chained canines such as;

  • temperature restrictions (no chaining under 32 degrees or above 90 degrees),
  • no chaining of puppies under 4 months of age,
  • no chaining of dogs in estrus,
  • no chaining longer than 14 hours in a 24-hour period on a movable tether, and
  •  no chaining longer than 8 hours in a 24-hour period on a fixed tether. 

CHS’ Chained Canines of Culpeper Program provides support services to help educate owners and improve the lives of these dogs by getting them unchained.  CHS offers FREE; a large pen, dog house, vetting (spay/neuter, rabies and distemper) and monthly dog food deliveries. 

If you see something, say something!  Contact us.  All information is strictly confidential.  We are volunteers and have no legal authority, we would notify ACO and then follow up with assistance.

Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR)

Our Alliance’s arrangement is that each of our four allies will be responsible for trapping at least once a month in Culpeper County. Culpeper Humane Society’s role is of leader and coordinator, responsible for assigning trapping sites, transportation, arranging overnight staging area, and paying ALL spay/neuter expenses of each trapping.

TNR Agreement 

Spay/Neuter Programs

We offer 3 Spay/Neuter (and vaccinations) options; the Care-A-Van, the Culpeper Humane Society van that transports patients to a low cost vet clinic, our Support 4 Paws program, offering free spay/neuter if eligible, and our Pit Fix program, offering free spay/neuter.

To register for any of these Spay/Neuter programs, please send us an email at info@culpeperhumanesociety.  The volunteer who administers to this program will send you an email asking you to (1) tell us which option best matches you (if eligible for Support 4 Paws then send proof as a jpeg), (2) we will send you a pet form to fill out and submit back to us, (3) a logistical email of all the details will be sent to you.  Filling out forms completely, getting registered asap secures a time slot on the van and keeping all correspondence on one email thread avoids confusion. 

  • Care A Van: Offering low cost spay/neuter to the general public of Culpeper County, the Culpeper Humane Society van transports dogs and cats to low cost vet clinics several times a month.  Due to Covid we are only doing 1 dog transport a month to Ashland, VA and 2 monthly cat transports to CASPCA (only open to us for cats as of now 3/2021).   
  • Support 4 Paws: Offering free spay/neuter plus rabies and distemper vaccinations to eligible individuals through the Pet Pantry program (social services) or anyone receiving assistance from any federal, state or county entity.
  • Pit Fix: Free Spay and Neuter of any Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix, regardless of owner’s financial status, thereby working towards a long-term solution to owner surrender and euthanasia of Pit Bulls.

Owner Surrender

We are an all volunteer, 501c3 non-profit, home-foster-based animal rescue, we do not have a facility.  While we DO take Owner Surrenders into our Adoption Program from time to time, it is dependent IF we have an open foster home, and IF that animal will fit into THAT foster home.  For instance; homes are contingent upon gender or size as well as breeds and certainly if the new rescue gets along with their incumbent pet family.  Therefore we request you fill out and submit an Owner Surrender form; there are no right or wrong answers, we just need to know for appropriate fit, so transparency is of utmost importance.  We need enough lead time to search our database and contact people.  We respond as quickly as possible.  [insert link to Owner Surrender Form]

Options; (1) surrender to the Culpeper County Animal Shelter.  No, it is not no-kill, but they do make great efforts to adopt out, and, there are OTHER animal rescues that pull (take into their rescue programs) dogs/cats from the Shelter. For Cats only, (1) For the Cat’s Sake!, and (2) for older cats, Paws for Seniors 

Culpeper County Animal Shelter -   Call (540) 547-4477 / 10144 James Monroe Hwy, Culpeper, Virginia /[PW1] 

Paws for Seniors - 540-748-8177 / /

For the Cats Sake! - 540-675-1013 / /


Contact us for assistance.

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