Trap - Neuter - Release Alliance for Culpeper County


Culpeper Humane Society has formed an alliance with Culpeper Felines and Friends, For the Cats’ Sake, MAD (Madison Community Cats), and CAT (Cat Action Team) to undertake an ambitious goal of dramatically impacting the reduction of breeding cats in feral cat colonies by accelerated trappings steadily throughout the year.  With a strategic approach to TNR, our vision is to work systematically through Culpeper County and spay/neuter FREE any cat colonies identified and approaching farms with a cat population to offer FREE spay/neuter.  Our Alliance’s arrangement is that each of our four allies will be responsible for the trapping and payment of half of all spay/neuter expenses they trap. Culpeper Humane Society’s role is of leader and coordinator, responsible for transportation, arranging overnight staging area, and paying half of all spay/neuter expenses of each trapping.  Our vision is of healthy, stable cat colonies, and a dramatic reduction in the number of breeding feral cats, helping achieve our overall goal of a no kill community.